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Monday, December 31, 2007

“Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.
Suffering follows an evil thought as the wheels of a cart follow the oxen that draws it.
Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.
Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.”
~ Buddha

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some thoughts on the Light

We are all born part and whole of the Light
In our individual identity we are part of the Light.
In our connection to one another we are the Light.

It is in our interaction with one another that we come to see the truth of the Light.
We see the reflection of our own Light in the life form of the other.
We see the truth of the Light when we open our souls and see there is only One.
There is no separation. We are One.

Humanity is the prism through which light splinters into all the colours of the spectrum.
We are the individual expression of all that makes up the Light.
When we join together, we are one brilliant shining Light.

We are the Divine.

Let your Light shine.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they're letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

It covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I'll let you know what I think once I've had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it's still free.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Christmas

Christmas is not a universal feast, but the underlying spirit is common to all of us, regardless of religious belief.It is the celebration of light in the darkness, the warmth of hope spreading in the cold winter of life.Christmas is about gratitude and appreciation of all we have been given and are still to receive.

This is my sense of the meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is the distilled essence of love.It is a time of angel's wings on earthly bodies, a time when the soothing touch of a nurse lets a dying man know he is not alone.

Christmas is the distilled essence of all that is good on this earth.It is a time for softly spoken words of love that reach into the hardest heart, for it is only in giving our love unconditionally that we release the heart song in others.

Christmas is the distilled essence of a quiet joy.It rings out crystal clear in the singing of the soul. It is the music of heaven played out on earth in each carefully composed note of giving.

Christmas is the distilled essence of the innocence of childhood.
It is their laughter, their astonished delight, their belief in magic,wrapped up in the overwhelming warmth of the love we feel for them that sets free the child in us.

Christmas is the distilled essence of peace.It is the profoundest stillness of the soul when it quietens the rampant chatter of the mind and hears the single heart beat of the universe.
We are never alone.In that stillness, we are one heart, one mind, one soul.

Hold the distilled essence of Christmas in your daily lives all year around.

Reach out in love to those around you.

I will always believe in magic.Open your mind and let magic believe in you.
Christmas is here and now and every day of your lives.

Live it !

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The most precious gift in my life

Today is our son's 17th birthday. In 30 minutes we are off to celebrate in a local restaurant chosen by him.

He is our only child. He is our greatest creation. Nothing we have achieved or will achieve will ever match this blessing to ourselves and the world.

I look at him with such love and pride. Where once I saw a beloved child, now I see the good man he has become, a man who makes the world a better place by his presence in it.

His generosity of spirit, his passionate sense of justice, his infinite patience with small children - these are just a few of the characteristics that imbue our son.

Today I am grateful for his presence in my life. As he prepares to take his place in our world, I know that he has the resilience, the values, the courage and the strength to do so.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Magic at work
I am one of those rare creatures who has the gift of doing the work she loves almost every day of her life. I know beyond doubt that even if I were to have no financial necessity to work, I would still continue to do what I now do. My work is an integral part of my life; it is the expression of who I am.
I cannot begin to describe how fulfilled I feel after every therapeutic session with a client. Sometimes I listen to terrible secrets told to no other human being but I know that in that revelation is the beginning of healing. Yes I am a deeply saddened by the misery we humans chose to inflict on one another, but to participate even in a small way in the liberation of a soul from the weight of such suffering is to live a life that is truly blessed.
It is not always the deep dark secret wounds that I see; often it is the life disabling phobias. A spider phobia might seem laughable to those of us who cherish the creatures and have no fear of them, but for someone who is truly phobic, they are creatures from hell to be avoided even if in their panic, they endanger themselves and others. I have had mothers leave children in the middle of a busy shopping mall as they ran from a wasp; a teenager nearly killed running into traffic to escape a dog who was some distance away. Lives are severely curtailed by such phobias and they are often passed on from parent to child. It is so unnecessary.
In NLP (neuro linguistic programming) we have a wonderful technique called the fast phobia cure. Within a two hour session, a woman who had had life long panic attacks at the sight of a spider, who could not talk about them or even look at a photograph, without hyperventilating, walked out of my office finally free. She gave me a great hug as she left and told me that she just knew something had changed.
She laughed when she phoned me a few days later to report that she had even found herself feeling sorry for spiders, instead of hating them. Her family still cannot believe that she can walk into the bathroom without sending someone in ahead of her to check first. She may never learn to love spiders but the important thing is that her life is no longer straitjacketed by an overwhelming terror. Care to guess, how that makes me feel? You got it - that's me up ahead walking on air!
Move over Harry Potter - magic doesn't just happen in books.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It must be that time of year again, the nostalgic looking back and remembering. I opened up a file of my daily writing from 2003 and found this. In moments I was transported back to the sight, sound and soft, gentle touch of our wonderful dog, Buster. I have been owned by many dogs over the years and they were each special in their own way, but Buster had a way of capturing the hearts of everyone he met.

So let me introduce him. He lives on for us in some of the happiest memories of our lives.

Buster was soft gold manifested in physical form, a glowing warm incarnation of love and gentle grace. He was and for all eternity remains our dog.
He was quite extraordinarily beautiful. His gleaming red gold coat was fringed with long feathery white hair. His nose was like black leather. His eyes were the mirrors of his magnificent soul, full of love and quiet acceptance for all the universe. People stopped to admire him, to embrace him, to ask what kind of dog he was. He accepted it all with regal dignity.
He had the grace and elegance of the Irish Setter with the deep calm steadiness of the Labrador. Both parents were Show Champions from long lines of Show Champions and had they been the same breed, Buster would have been beyond our reach financially. Buster was an aristocrat, born on the wrong side of the pedigree blanket. Thanks to his Irish Setter mother’s indiscretion with the Golden Labrador next door, he came into our lives for the sum of £40, the best bargain we will ever have.
We had been discussing a new dog for months but I loved the looks and the temperament of the Irish Setter while my husband favoured the Labrador. When we saw the small ad, we took it as a sign that this was destined to be, a unique blending of both breeds specially for us. Then I saw the beauty of the puppies and I thought it would be impossible to chose. I should have known that such a coincidence meant that Fate was playing its hand and when one tiny dog snuggled into my neck and sighed ecstatically, we knew that he had found heaven and home all at once. He made it quite clear that we belonged to him and the only question was “what had taken us so long to find him?”.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Celebrate Yourself Today

All too often we shrink away from acknowledging what is worthy of celebration about ourselves. It is so much easier to give praise to others than to look inside and see what is praise-worthy about our own lives. One of the ways I help myself to stay positive is to keep a "booster file" which contains all the good things people have written or said about me. When I feel the need, I open the folder on my computer and read a few. Whatever grey cloud has been hovering is very quickly chased away.
Another way is to simply take a few minutes when you are able to be quiet. Sit with a blank sheet of paper in front of you. Take three good deep breaths and breath out slowly. This helps to clear the thought clutter from the mind. Then write as a stream of consciousness, the answer to this question: What reason do I have to celebrate myself today? Just let whatever comes, come.
Here is one I completed a few weeks ago.
I need to celebrate just how great a job I do of walking high wire while keeping all the multiple balls of my life in the air, while performing the occasional back-flip - and all without a safety net!
Welcome to a day in the life of Super Mum! She cooks, she cleans, she cares for her elderly parents, turns lives around in her therapy practice while keeping her 16 year old son sane through his demanding schooling and gently steering her husband through mid-life crisis.
I need to celebrate the nutritious and delicious meals which mysteriously appear on the table every day without fail.
I need to celebrate the superb organisational skills which go into timetabling everything from the school run, client appointments, orthodontists and a various assortment of tutorials.
I need to celebrate the complete and loving attention I give to my clients.
I need to celebrate keeping the earth in motion, causing the stars to shine, stoking the fires of the sun to keep the planet light and warm.
Just another day in the life of a mother.
Yes, I really need to celebrate being me.
So how about you celebrate being you.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Thanksgiving - shifting perspective through gratitude.

As our friends in the USA, adjust their waist belts and finish digesting the Thanksgiving Feast, it is a good time for the world to remember how much they have to be grateful for.
I wish that there was a world-wide Thanksgiving Day when every one of us could take a moment to recall the good things in our lives. In fact, we should make every day a Thanksgiving Day. What kind of world do you think this would be if every morning, we woke with thoughts of gratitude in our minds, warm feelings of gratitude in our hearts and words of loving gratitude on our lips?
Instead of stumbling out of bed, half awake and resenting the new day before we even start it, we could breathe deeply for a moment and consciously bring to mind what we have to be grateful for.
Ah, but I can hear you grumbling under your breath, "It's 3 degrees below outside; I'll have to clear the snow from the roof and dig the car out of the garage ; then I'll have to get the kids out of their beds, fight every inch of the way with them to get them out for the bus on time; my husband/wife is on yet another business trip and I'll be risking my life driving through the traffic with a bunch of homicidal psychopaths out to get me before I get to work, where the sociopath boss of mine will get paid more than I do for doing a whole lot less.I would pack it in but the debts are piled high and we need a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. Gratitude, bah, humbug!"
I know all of that. My son glares at me when I wake him on a school morning and we have psychopath drivers here in Scotland too. However, when I am mindfully grateful before I even set foot outside of bed, I can laugh at my son's baleful glance and even send a prayer out for the mental health of those dangerous drivers which is my toughest challenge. When I am grateful, I am Teflon coated. Nothing burns me.
So tomorrow morning, as you awaken, make a little adjustment to your perspective on life and it might sound like this:
I am grateful for the roof over my head when so many slept in the open last night.
I am grateful for the warm comfort of my bed and knowing that I have a loving partner who would rather be here with me but cares so much about this family they work away from home.
I am grateful for the kids who are the greatest creations of my life. I am grateful for loving and being loved.
I am grateful that I have a strong roof which bears the weight of the snow. I am grateful for a garage to keep my car in. Oh and that's another one to be grateful for, the car!
I'm grateful for being strong and healthy enough to dig the snow from the driveway. Great exercise and it costs me nothing.
I am grateful for the noise and squabbling of my kids as they get ready for school. This is a sign that they feel free to be themselves and that they trust me not to harm them. It's not like that in every home.
I am grateful for the food I can afford to give them when so many starve around the world.
I am grateful for the school where they will receive an education which will take them out into a world of infinite opportunity. Many children are never given this wonderful chance.
I am grateful for the bus which takes them to school and I am grateful for the driver who will ensure they get there safely, In so many places, children must walk for hours in the blazing sun to reach a school.
I am grateful that I am not a psychopath driver. It must be terrible to live in that mind, with all that rage and pain. I am grateful for my ability to be calm.
I am grateful to have a job when so many are unemployed.
I am grateful that my boss is just a sociopath; he could have been a psychopath. In any case, I am grateful that I have a job because it makes it easier to find another one where the boss is not deranged.
I am grateful for the knowlege that by carefully balancing my expenditure I can gradually reduce my debts and be forever free of them. Some people simply don't know how to do this.
Wake up and smell the roses, or if not the roses, the toast. Wake up to gratitude and whatever the world throws your way, you will greet it with resilience and courage. You might get a little singed around the edges but you won't get burned up.
Yes, Gratitude is Teflon coating for the soul.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I have not written for quite some time. My parents have been ill and there has been a prolonged period of anxious pre-occupation with their well-being. We have entered a blessed space of peace so it was so good to finally be able to participate in some free writing prompted by some quotations carefully chosen by our little group of writing friends.

Taking a new step, uttering a new word is what people fear most.

Fyodor Dostoyevski

Tremulously, we stand on the brink of the void, staring into the vast emptiness of creation. We wear the blinkers of fear and they hide the true nature of what lies in front of us. The void is not empty; it is alive with energy; wildly spinning particles of random, evolving, potential energy, hungry with an innate desire to be woven into new form, new inventions, new purposeful activity. The fear is an illusion; the only void is created by our paralysis of inaction. Just take one step forward, write one word, make one decision and the particles of creation will flow into the most beautiful forms. That is what they are waiting for; your action, your activation of their inherent drive for form.

Take that step; speak that word; decide and do.

Each painting has its own way of evolving . . . When the painting is finished, the subject revels itself.

William Baziotes

Each creation begins with a first brush stroke across the canvas; whether it is a tentative touch, a blind, feeling ahead for a way to express, or a sure, strong, marking out of a map already living within the mind of the artist, it does not matter. Even those with the map may find the creation takes on a life of its own, leading in directions never envisaged. Those whose first brush strokes tremble with hesitation may discover an energetic connection to a divine inspiration that only comes with that first victory over doubt. Tentative or bold; hesitant or sure; that first brush stroke leads to another and another and another, until the story is told and creation has revealed its intent.

Trust that still, small voice that says, “This might work and I’ll try it.”

Diane Mariechild

Working as a therapist, I would be lost without that small voice, my intuitive sense. I have come to trust and follow its directives, so much so that it is no longer a small voice; it is my voice, very clear and strong. The few times when I have not listened to that voice have always been the source of powerful and painful lessons. I do not like pain so I have surrendered to my voice and follow it without hesitation. I no longer hear it as a voice; the connection is complete; we are one. There is no voice; there is all that I am and all that there is; infinite connection. “This will work and I am already doing it”.

Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.

René-Francois-Ghislian Magritte

True art is creation and no mystery lies there. Our greatest creation is our lives so how can we call creation a mystery when its wonders are all around and within us? There is no mystery to creation when we live it. Art in all its expressions may help to evoke a sense of the power of creation in those who have become disconnected from the beauty of form and the infinite variation of creation, but why do we ever allow such a precious gift to be lost or eroded at all? We live our busy, noisy, hurried lives, heads down, pressing our way through the overcrowded streets, oblivious to the incredible beauty of all that is.

Stand in the cool of the night and watch the dark clouds scudding across a sky with the full moon playing hide and seek. Breathe in the enrapturing scent of jasmine and roses on a sun kissed day. Feel the wind keen against your body and watch the wind whip up storms of golden autumn leaves. Touch the divine in the smile of a child; see eternity in the eyes of the dying; find bliss in the silence deep within. Listen and see and hear with your souls and the creation becomes your living reality; there is no mystery when your life is your art.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cosmic Wizard

Timeless echoes stir deep within,
Rippling through the vibrant air,
Rendering the shimmering veil of time.

Dancing in a never-forever,ending-beginning
Over and under and through rhythmic swaying.
Life flowing and ebbing, to-ing and froing,
Coming and going, arriving and departing,
Ceaseless journeying in a stillness absolute
Waves crashing against the shore of life

Rivulets of time stretching out
Unseeing fingers into the unknown.
De Profundis Domine - Out of the Depths

De profundis Domine
I have cried to you,
Out of the soundless void
Between the words and thoughts
That name your power,
That mystic sense of otherness,
Walking between the living,
Written by hands not mine.

De profundis Domine
I claim my voice,
Clamorous, turbulent,
Echoing noislessly
My heart is your heart
My soul is your soul
Lost and found, timeless
In the void of becoming
Softly the silence whispers
Explore the space
within the silence.

Step out into the void
That is no void
and journey.

Melting, merging
Space and time,
A multi-dimensional traveler.

The silence sings soft lullabys
Crooning the germ of who I am
and was and yet may be
from out the womb of unknowing
To claim the space within
my own, my own, my own.

The silence sighs softly,
Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Morning song

I rise from the sea of being,
Bathed in endless waves
Of transcendent visions.

I awaken to eternal morning,
All the world glistening
In silken dewdrops of creation.

I feel the beauty of my form,
Each atom of becoming,
The shining essence of joy.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love is the answer
to all questions.
Love is the flame
that lights the way
through deepest darkness.

Love illuminates
the faces of children
and we are all children,
children of the Light
the light that is Love.

Love shines from each soul,
the interconnected energy
of divine inspiration,
birthed from the light;
Love's children every one.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heart Song

My heart song is like the deep resonating boom of a Tibetan gong, vibrating the peace and love that is my core, out into the world.

The vibrations grow as they ripple out like a stone dropped into the water of life.

They amplify, resonate, blend with other vibrations, until the sound roars in our ears, unmistakeable, authentic, the sound of the divine within each one of us.

My heart song says that love is the central core of the universe.

I exist within that core and its fire is my fire.

I burn with that love and its bright brilliant blazing flames warm and heal my world.

There is love and only love and that is everything.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The delicate tracery of words
Spins a web of connection
To the deep within,
A place of still silence
Where peace flows unsullied
By errant thought.

Beauty is birthed
In those moments
Of full presence,
Timeless fragments of being,
Holy and other
Communing with Source.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Today I am so grateful for :

The bright honesty of a friend and the wonderful responses she evoked

For seeing clearly how far I have come on this amazing adventure we call life

For looking forward with excitement to the road ahead

For a quiet day

For blue skies and bright sunshine

For spotting a tiny rosebud against my south facing house wall, my February miracle

For snowdrops - something so small, so pure, so perfect

For the incredible scent of wallflowers mingled with primula

For time to pot up more flowering plants to brighten my winter patio

For morning coffee with my father, for the love he fills me with, for the joy in having him still with me at the age of 84

For sharing thoughts on dying and death with my mother as we await the outcome of her sister's tests; it is so good to be open with one another, to love and understand one another so very well

For the many cups of tea my husband brings me throughout the evening, each one an act of love

For a new client with an intriguing and challenging problem; for the growth in my understanding that will flow from helping him to helping others more effectively

For the blessing of Reiki

For the realisation that we have now had our Vauxhall Estate car for nearly five years; how reliable it has been; what value for money it has proven; how blessed we are to have it.

For a day spent in the company of our son as I worked and he studied for his History exam on Monday; his wry humour and love of sharing his passion for history with me enlivened my day and filled it with yet more love

For loving and being loved

For feeling held in a loving circle of friends

For E's delight in her upcoming birthday celebration plans

For P's wisdom

For M's sparkling presence amongst us

For all who bring their own unique spirits to this gathering of magnificent manifesters

For light and love and the bright shining truth of the universal laws of attraction
The Law of Attraction -
You are not your obesity. You are a beautiful human being.

This was written as a response to an on-line friend who had poured her heart out about her inability to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. I have changed her name to give her privacy. As for me, I have hidden away too long like so many other people who internalise the world's standards of beauty and acceptability. Maybe, just maybe, these thoughts may help someone else through their journey.

Beautiful Jenny,

"YET, if you knew what I say to myself on a daily basis...if you knew the cruel words I use when getting dressed every morning...if you knew..."

Ah, but, I do know, Jenny. They are words I have used so often myself and use no more. It took me many years and much exploration of self and my connection to the Universe, to realise that I am just as deserving of the love and compassion I pour out to others, that to love oneself is the final realisation of the god within. Oh the peace of that realisation, the sheer joy of letting go of struggle, of simply loving who I am instead of waging a war with myself.

Our weight, the shape of our nose, the size of our breasts, does not define who we are unless we allow it to. I suppose in Abe terms if we are always thinking of ourselves as fat and ugly then that is what we get because that is our dominant thought. Thinking of ourselves as weak willed failures will also produce exactly that. Thoughts truly do become things and materialise with powerful accuracy. Oh, don't get me wrong, I have to do some rapid pivoting at times, away from self-pity and frustration, but pivot I do and very gracefully if I say so myself.

When I look back on my seven year old self and then my seventeen year old self, I see a very intense, very loving and very beautiful human being. When I remember my actual thoughts and feelings, seeing myself as a heavy frumpish creature unworthy of love, I understand very clearly how my body was a manifestation of those false perceptions. I created and perpetuated my obesity through that profoundly negative self-image. Then many, many years of practicing being a statue, staying very, very still, contributed too!

Today I weigh 269 lbs on a 5'2" frame, but that is not who I am. I am a free spirit who enjoys walking, dancing, skiing whenever I can and I am an extraordinarily joyful human being. Last year I was 20lbs heavier and the year before that 40lbs heavier than I am today. Next year I will be lighter still. In my mind I already am. In my mind I am light and lithe and filled with passion for movement and life. My soul dances and my body follows.

So beloved, Jenny, I am cheering long and loud at your transformation, for once you say "I am beautiful" aloud to yourself, you proclaim it as truth to the universe and so it must be. I hold the light for you and the fanning of the flame of self-love which will fuel that transformation.

With so much love,


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Zen and the Art of Loving the Small Stuff

In December last year, after four years of intermittently practicing Reiki, first being attuned to level 1 and then 2 a year later, I felt a strong impulse to take my Master attunement. I almost immediately discovered Taggart King and his Reiki Evolution, a form of Reiki which is true to the method and spirit of Usui, the Japanese founder.

It called to me because it does not dwell on the westernised obsession with form and prescribed ritual but opens to the power of intuitive guidance and the potency of pure intention. I could never understand the necessity for the symbols; I could never memorise them and felt uncomfortable working with them. They felt immensely counter-intuitive to me. It was such a feeling of coming home when I found Taggart through another on-line Reiki group.

Taggart explained that the symbols were brought in as a means of giving a shortcut concrete focus to naval officers in the Japanese Navy who did not have the time or the inclination to pursue Reiki as a spiritual practice. Even the ritualised hand positions for working with clients were not part of the original practice. I felt like cheering - in fact I probably did. When I discovered that one of Taggart's Masters, Margaret Craig, lived less than five minutes from my son's school, the cheers got louder and I felt even more certain that this was the way forward for me. When I met Margaret the last piece of the jigsaw fell into place. It was as though I had known her forever.

The weekend attunement itself was blissful. The energy flow and shared experience of the four gathered together with Margaret was extraordinary. I loved it and I knew that there had been a space created in my life for something new and extraordinary to flow in. Those familiar with the concepts of the Hero's Journey know that as soon as you set your foot upon the path, challenges arise to test you. It is part of the strengthening and clearing process. It can also be very tough going!

Like many people who are naturally intuitive, there is a struggle to live in the "real world" or to balance the call of the inner world with the necessities of the external world, like eating, sleeping, keeping house, earning a living. Since childhood, I have been inclined to "time slip", my name for drifting off into some kind of inner space which always seemed a more enchanting place to dwell than in real time. I have achieved much in my life but I always knew that it could have been much more. I always danced away from the the idea and practice of self-discipline; it seemed so austere and in truth to me, soulless, redolent with the stories of my Catholic youth of martyrs, self-flagellation and other cruel and unusual practices.

It has taken a long time and a quite a helter skelter journey for me to wake up fully to the truth of mastery. Like all great truths it is incredibly simple when you finally see it clearly. Mastery is loving it all. Mastery is doing what needs to be done lovingly, reverently, joyfully, finding the bliss in each simple action of every day. It is not self- discipline; it is self-love. It requires no whips, no hair shirts, no painful self-immolation on the altar of self-sacrifice. It is not the dour dark dungeons of the enclosed orders of nuns I grew up in fear of having a calling to. It is the instrument of freedom, of joyful liberation. It is not the tedium of the mundane; it is the sheer magic of being fully, lovingly present to the active meditation that is the every day practice of everything we do.

For years I fought housework as if it were a demon which would consume me, drain my spirit and render me a brain dead housewife, barefoot and chained to the kitchen sink. For years, I not only didn't "sweat the small stuff", I blanked it out, ignored it and plain didn't do it until it grew from little things into great big things like chronic procrastination, chronic untidiness, chronic over-weight and physical inactivity. I became an expert at crisis management but it was me who engineered the crises by failing to stay in the present moment and do what needed to be done.

It has taken a very long time but now I know that the truth of living a life of mastery is to see clearly that living fully in the moment is to do all things with a loving reverence and quiet joy - or even a noisy, rip-roaring ecstatic joy, even the dirty dishes that your husband didn't wash the night before. No resentment, no bad temper, no "this is his job". Do it lovingly with gratitude in your heart that you have feet to stand on by that sink, hands to sink into the hot suds, the money to buy the detergent, a husband and son to wash up after, a kitchen to wash up in, a roof over your head. Do it with the recognition that life is a very precious gift and you are so lucky to have all that you have.

Don't "sweat the small stuff". Love it. That way true freedom lies.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Note to an Australian friend
It is icy cold over here with the first real bite of winter hitting across the country. We have had a little snow but nothing serious. The southern part of England seems to have been hit harder than Scotland.

Such strange white flakes do not enter the world of the Western Australian as he sits in the air conditioned cool of his castle. I am unsure if I could ever get used to the absence of the distinctive flavours of the passing of each season. They provide such luscious sensory punctuation marks in the passage of each year. With global warming, we may even lose that here, so I am going to luxuriate and appreciate while we have it.

Now, I must start my working day. It is the tax return time again - one seasonal event that I would happily do without. Then again there is a feeling of satisfaction and relief once it is all done and the send button is pressed on the on-line forms. It is a bit like sticking your finger in a socket, painful and shocking while it is connected, but oh, the relief, once it stops. (This trick must not be carried out at home and adults must be under the supervision of a responsible child while reading this).

So no more procrastination. Render unto Caesar and Gordon Brown, that which belongs to .... well, me actually! I shall imagine my hard earned money pouring into the homes of the empoverished, feeding starving children, bringing education to the masses, making a positive difference to the world. Yes, that is so much more comforting than knowing it is killing people in Iraq, paying the salaries of incompetent Home Office management who cannot even keep their filing up to date and supporting the life styles of politicians who want to award themselves a 60% increase in salary when low paid government workers like my husband are being told to settle for less than the rate of inflation.
Ah well, Don Quixote rides again; windmills to the left of me, windmills to the right of me; into the valley of a million windmills rides the lone ranter! Damn, my eternal optimism is taking over and I feel a gratitude list coming on. In spite of the best endeavours of government, I have so much more than I actually need; I just wish that what I give as a citizen would be more effectively distributed so it does some good in the world but I would willingly settle for the knowledge that it is at the very least doing no harm.