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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The most precious gift in my life

Today is our son's 17th birthday. In 30 minutes we are off to celebrate in a local restaurant chosen by him.

He is our only child. He is our greatest creation. Nothing we have achieved or will achieve will ever match this blessing to ourselves and the world.

I look at him with such love and pride. Where once I saw a beloved child, now I see the good man he has become, a man who makes the world a better place by his presence in it.

His generosity of spirit, his passionate sense of justice, his infinite patience with small children - these are just a few of the characteristics that imbue our son.

Today I am grateful for his presence in my life. As he prepares to take his place in our world, I know that he has the resilience, the values, the courage and the strength to do so.
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