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Monday, December 03, 2007

Celebrate Yourself Today

All too often we shrink away from acknowledging what is worthy of celebration about ourselves. It is so much easier to give praise to others than to look inside and see what is praise-worthy about our own lives. One of the ways I help myself to stay positive is to keep a "booster file" which contains all the good things people have written or said about me. When I feel the need, I open the folder on my computer and read a few. Whatever grey cloud has been hovering is very quickly chased away.
Another way is to simply take a few minutes when you are able to be quiet. Sit with a blank sheet of paper in front of you. Take three good deep breaths and breath out slowly. This helps to clear the thought clutter from the mind. Then write as a stream of consciousness, the answer to this question: What reason do I have to celebrate myself today? Just let whatever comes, come.
Here is one I completed a few weeks ago.
I need to celebrate just how great a job I do of walking high wire while keeping all the multiple balls of my life in the air, while performing the occasional back-flip - and all without a safety net!
Welcome to a day in the life of Super Mum! She cooks, she cleans, she cares for her elderly parents, turns lives around in her therapy practice while keeping her 16 year old son sane through his demanding schooling and gently steering her husband through mid-life crisis.
I need to celebrate the nutritious and delicious meals which mysteriously appear on the table every day without fail.
I need to celebrate the superb organisational skills which go into timetabling everything from the school run, client appointments, orthodontists and a various assortment of tutorials.
I need to celebrate the complete and loving attention I give to my clients.
I need to celebrate keeping the earth in motion, causing the stars to shine, stoking the fires of the sun to keep the planet light and warm.
Just another day in the life of a mother.
Yes, I really need to celebrate being me.
So how about you celebrate being you.
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