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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cosmic Wizard

Timeless echoes stir deep within,
Rippling through the vibrant air,
Rendering the shimmering veil of time.

Dancing in a never-forever,ending-beginning
Over and under and through rhythmic swaying.
Life flowing and ebbing, to-ing and froing,
Coming and going, arriving and departing,
Ceaseless journeying in a stillness absolute
Waves crashing against the shore of life

Rivulets of time stretching out
Unseeing fingers into the unknown.
De Profundis Domine - Out of the Depths

De profundis Domine
I have cried to you,
Out of the soundless void
Between the words and thoughts
That name your power,
That mystic sense of otherness,
Walking between the living,
Written by hands not mine.

De profundis Domine
I claim my voice,
Clamorous, turbulent,
Echoing noislessly
My heart is your heart
My soul is your soul
Lost and found, timeless
In the void of becoming
Softly the silence whispers
Explore the space
within the silence.

Step out into the void
That is no void
and journey.

Melting, merging
Space and time,
A multi-dimensional traveler.

The silence sings soft lullabys
Crooning the germ of who I am
and was and yet may be
from out the womb of unknowing
To claim the space within
my own, my own, my own.

The silence sighs softly,
Waiting, waiting, waiting.