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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Moonlight Sorrow

Moonlight spills softly
Across the silent grave,
Haunting the darkness
With the memory of light.

Deep within my soul.
A sigh rises, transmuted
TO a silent keening moan,
A note of longing and of loss.

Silver shadows cast across
the tall pale granite stone,
Etched with icy tears,
Drawn from sightless eyes.

I ache for one more day to walk the earth
For one more night to hold you close,
Before the Light of dawn returns
And I am once more lost to Life.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Day dreaming

Flowing, drifting, wandering dreamily in the eternal cycle of life,
Far from the bustling, jumping, jostling, running to catch it, how do I juggle it, world.
Here I find balance in my heart beat,
Dancing and stretching as I reach for love,
Expanding, glowing in the syncopating rhythm of my soul
Snuggling down into the magic of the universe's hug.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some thoughts on Love

Love is like a clear strong voice, speaking truth, heard above the confusing tumult of lies, deception and fear based thought.

Love is like a river flowing wild and free. I trust and surrender knowing it will carry me to wherever I am meant to be.

Love is like the twinkling eons of starlight, belonging neither to the past nor to the future, but here, fully present in the now of our hearts.

Love is like my lover's touch, fire consuming flesh, but so much more, for heart and soul find renewal is this blaze of consumation.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


One of the greatest lessons in my life has been the practice of gratitude. Oprah attributes much of the success in her life to a daily practice of journalling at least five things she has to be grateful for before she goes to sleep at night. I have found it raises my spirits, sees me through even the most challenging of times and in a curious way ti always seems as though more good things show up in my life when I am mindful of what I already have to be grateful for.

This is a typical list that I might write. Find your own style and grow your gratitude muscles by daily practice. It will be a gift in your life.

Oh, I am so grateful for this perfect gift of a perfect day at just the most perfect time of my life. I am also grateful for the recognition that every time has been the perfect time; all I had to do is relax, breathe and live it.

I am so grateful for:
This bright, clear, Autumnal day. It started with dark clouds and heavy rain; now it has mellowed into a soft rosy apple of a day ready to be bitten into, deep white delectable flesh already dripping its sweet juices onto the pages of my life. Mmmmm, scrumptious.
Blue skies with dark grey clouds scuttling by, driven by the blessing of a wind that makes this such a good drying day. More joy in burying my nose into fresh sun and air dried clothes. Two washings completed and number three swirling and gurgling around in the machine next door.
Ah the merry trickle of water pouring from the outlet pipe onto the kitchen floor. What a joy to know that one phone call will bring the ideal man to fix it. The floor could do with a wash anyway. Why do I want to laugh? Why am I not having a foot stamping, rip roaring, "why me" temper tantrum? To quote another free spirit in a totally different context, "Quite frankly, my dear,I don't give a damn". The book said, "Don't sweat the small stuff" and a newly cleaned, kitchen floor is definitely small stuff.
My youngest brother's 40th birthday; all the good memories of his childhood and knowing that even although physically he is an ocean and an entire continent away from me in Vancouver, he is forever only a heart beat from my heart.
My 84 year old father walking so much more confidently; he is such an inspiration; three TIAs and he is out on the golf course every day, no longer playing, but out there keeping his many friends company. What a blessing those men are; they give him their time and their support; they encourage him and help to keep his mind sharp. I may not enjoy golf but I so appreciate their loving fraternity with one another.
My 78 year old mother outside hanging out her washing this morning as I hung out mine. How wonderful to see her so fit and active. How lucky I am to have both of my parents so close by and still with me. How even more grateful I am that my heart is filled with love for them and I know that I am loved unconditionally by them.
The sound of the little waterfall at the bottom of the garden. It is such a soothing yet enlivening sound. I love it after the heavy rains when it can be heard all through the house when I open my windows. It is an absolute joy.
Kicking my heels in the air; feeling like a 17 year old instead of 54 - then how is a 54 year old supposed to feel? I don't know but then again who cares? I feel what I feel and I feel alive, uproariously, mischievously, joyfully, soul stirringly, alleluia chorusing, fireworks exploding stars across the sky, ALIVE!

The Universe is such a fun place to explore. Stand by and ready to launch. Have an adventurous day.

Over and out!