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Monday, July 21, 2014

Full circle

In the stillness of this Sacred Circle, I see with the eyes of the other,

I hear with your ears and feel with your hearts.

In the silence of this Circle, there is an ending to I and You.

There is a becoming of We and Us.

Here is the sweet and powerful blending of spirit

Parts made whole.

We are complete in one another and the circle is joined.

We are one.

The dancers in the moonlight.

The singers of the eternal song.

We call life into being,

We are creation.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Days of Grace

For our beloved son, Jan Michael

You are my days of grace,
Redemption of my love,
In you I find eternity,
My pearl beyond all price.

Long loved and longed for
Out of deep soul yearning
Conscious conception
From dreams made real.

You are my days of grace,
My life fulfilled in you,
Now in love, I set you free,
A light beyond my life.

My love made flesh,
Upon this earth,
My sweet eternity,
My son, my gift, my light.

Friday, July 04, 2014

I am indelible

I was contemplating what it is to live forever, to leave an indelible trace behind when my body finally surrenders and I let go. I retain an open mind about whether there is anything beyond this life but I am certain that what we do while we walk this world, the interactions with others, leaves an eternal trace of who we are. I seek to make mine a loving touch, an echo of what we can be if we chose the light and not the dark. Let that be my immortality.

I will not disappear
And leave no trace.
I am not deleted
From your files,
Nor exiled forever
To a distant land.

I am indelible,
A tattoo under your skin
No laser can remove.
Every contact,
Brush of mind or skin
Leaves resonance.
Rippling waves
Forever spreading
Encompass worlds.

I am forever,
No footprint on the sand
I cannot be washed away.