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Friday, July 04, 2014

I am indelible

I was contemplating what it is to live forever, to leave an indelible trace behind when my body finally surrenders and I let go. I retain an open mind about whether there is anything beyond this life but I am certain that what we do while we walk this world, the interactions with others, leaves an eternal trace of who we are. I seek to make mine a loving touch, an echo of what we can be if we chose the light and not the dark. Let that be my immortality.

I will not disappear
And leave no trace.
I am not deleted
From your files,
Nor exiled forever
To a distant land.

I am indelible,
A tattoo under your skin
No laser can remove.
Every contact,
Brush of mind or skin
Leaves resonance.
Rippling waves
Forever spreading
Encompass worlds.

I am forever,
No footprint on the sand
I cannot be washed away.
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