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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Morning song

I rise from the sea of being,
Bathed in endless waves
Of transcendent visions.

I awaken to eternal morning,
All the world glistening
In silken dewdrops of creation.

I feel the beauty of my form,
Each atom of becoming,
The shining essence of joy.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love is the answer
to all questions.
Love is the flame
that lights the way
through deepest darkness.

Love illuminates
the faces of children
and we are all children,
children of the Light
the light that is Love.

Love shines from each soul,
the interconnected energy
of divine inspiration,
birthed from the light;
Love's children every one.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heart Song

My heart song is like the deep resonating boom of a Tibetan gong, vibrating the peace and love that is my core, out into the world.

The vibrations grow as they ripple out like a stone dropped into the water of life.

They amplify, resonate, blend with other vibrations, until the sound roars in our ears, unmistakeable, authentic, the sound of the divine within each one of us.

My heart song says that love is the central core of the universe.

I exist within that core and its fire is my fire.

I burn with that love and its bright brilliant blazing flames warm and heal my world.

There is love and only love and that is everything.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The delicate tracery of words
Spins a web of connection
To the deep within,
A place of still silence
Where peace flows unsullied
By errant thought.

Beauty is birthed
In those moments
Of full presence,
Timeless fragments of being,
Holy and other
Communing with Source.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Today I am so grateful for :

The bright honesty of a friend and the wonderful responses she evoked

For seeing clearly how far I have come on this amazing adventure we call life

For looking forward with excitement to the road ahead

For a quiet day

For blue skies and bright sunshine

For spotting a tiny rosebud against my south facing house wall, my February miracle

For snowdrops - something so small, so pure, so perfect

For the incredible scent of wallflowers mingled with primula

For time to pot up more flowering plants to brighten my winter patio

For morning coffee with my father, for the love he fills me with, for the joy in having him still with me at the age of 84

For sharing thoughts on dying and death with my mother as we await the outcome of her sister's tests; it is so good to be open with one another, to love and understand one another so very well

For the many cups of tea my husband brings me throughout the evening, each one an act of love

For a new client with an intriguing and challenging problem; for the growth in my understanding that will flow from helping him to helping others more effectively

For the blessing of Reiki

For the realisation that we have now had our Vauxhall Estate car for nearly five years; how reliable it has been; what value for money it has proven; how blessed we are to have it.

For a day spent in the company of our son as I worked and he studied for his History exam on Monday; his wry humour and love of sharing his passion for history with me enlivened my day and filled it with yet more love

For loving and being loved

For feeling held in a loving circle of friends

For E's delight in her upcoming birthday celebration plans

For P's wisdom

For M's sparkling presence amongst us

For all who bring their own unique spirits to this gathering of magnificent manifesters

For light and love and the bright shining truth of the universal laws of attraction
The Law of Attraction -
You are not your obesity. You are a beautiful human being.

This was written as a response to an on-line friend who had poured her heart out about her inability to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. I have changed her name to give her privacy. As for me, I have hidden away too long like so many other people who internalise the world's standards of beauty and acceptability. Maybe, just maybe, these thoughts may help someone else through their journey.

Beautiful Jenny,

"YET, if you knew what I say to myself on a daily basis...if you knew the cruel words I use when getting dressed every morning...if you knew..."

Ah, but, I do know, Jenny. They are words I have used so often myself and use no more. It took me many years and much exploration of self and my connection to the Universe, to realise that I am just as deserving of the love and compassion I pour out to others, that to love oneself is the final realisation of the god within. Oh the peace of that realisation, the sheer joy of letting go of struggle, of simply loving who I am instead of waging a war with myself.

Our weight, the shape of our nose, the size of our breasts, does not define who we are unless we allow it to. I suppose in Abe terms if we are always thinking of ourselves as fat and ugly then that is what we get because that is our dominant thought. Thinking of ourselves as weak willed failures will also produce exactly that. Thoughts truly do become things and materialise with powerful accuracy. Oh, don't get me wrong, I have to do some rapid pivoting at times, away from self-pity and frustration, but pivot I do and very gracefully if I say so myself.

When I look back on my seven year old self and then my seventeen year old self, I see a very intense, very loving and very beautiful human being. When I remember my actual thoughts and feelings, seeing myself as a heavy frumpish creature unworthy of love, I understand very clearly how my body was a manifestation of those false perceptions. I created and perpetuated my obesity through that profoundly negative self-image. Then many, many years of practicing being a statue, staying very, very still, contributed too!

Today I weigh 269 lbs on a 5'2" frame, but that is not who I am. I am a free spirit who enjoys walking, dancing, skiing whenever I can and I am an extraordinarily joyful human being. Last year I was 20lbs heavier and the year before that 40lbs heavier than I am today. Next year I will be lighter still. In my mind I already am. In my mind I am light and lithe and filled with passion for movement and life. My soul dances and my body follows.

So beloved, Jenny, I am cheering long and loud at your transformation, for once you say "I am beautiful" aloud to yourself, you proclaim it as truth to the universe and so it must be. I hold the light for you and the fanning of the flame of self-love which will fuel that transformation.

With so much love,