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Sunday, October 28, 2007

I have not written for quite some time. My parents have been ill and there has been a prolonged period of anxious pre-occupation with their well-being. We have entered a blessed space of peace so it was so good to finally be able to participate in some free writing prompted by some quotations carefully chosen by our little group of writing friends.

Taking a new step, uttering a new word is what people fear most.

Fyodor Dostoyevski

Tremulously, we stand on the brink of the void, staring into the vast emptiness of creation. We wear the blinkers of fear and they hide the true nature of what lies in front of us. The void is not empty; it is alive with energy; wildly spinning particles of random, evolving, potential energy, hungry with an innate desire to be woven into new form, new inventions, new purposeful activity. The fear is an illusion; the only void is created by our paralysis of inaction. Just take one step forward, write one word, make one decision and the particles of creation will flow into the most beautiful forms. That is what they are waiting for; your action, your activation of their inherent drive for form.

Take that step; speak that word; decide and do.

Each painting has its own way of evolving . . . When the painting is finished, the subject revels itself.

William Baziotes

Each creation begins with a first brush stroke across the canvas; whether it is a tentative touch, a blind, feeling ahead for a way to express, or a sure, strong, marking out of a map already living within the mind of the artist, it does not matter. Even those with the map may find the creation takes on a life of its own, leading in directions never envisaged. Those whose first brush strokes tremble with hesitation may discover an energetic connection to a divine inspiration that only comes with that first victory over doubt. Tentative or bold; hesitant or sure; that first brush stroke leads to another and another and another, until the story is told and creation has revealed its intent.

Trust that still, small voice that says, “This might work and I’ll try it.”

Diane Mariechild

Working as a therapist, I would be lost without that small voice, my intuitive sense. I have come to trust and follow its directives, so much so that it is no longer a small voice; it is my voice, very clear and strong. The few times when I have not listened to that voice have always been the source of powerful and painful lessons. I do not like pain so I have surrendered to my voice and follow it without hesitation. I no longer hear it as a voice; the connection is complete; we are one. There is no voice; there is all that I am and all that there is; infinite connection. “This will work and I am already doing it”.

Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.

René-Francois-Ghislian Magritte

True art is creation and no mystery lies there. Our greatest creation is our lives so how can we call creation a mystery when its wonders are all around and within us? There is no mystery to creation when we live it. Art in all its expressions may help to evoke a sense of the power of creation in those who have become disconnected from the beauty of form and the infinite variation of creation, but why do we ever allow such a precious gift to be lost or eroded at all? We live our busy, noisy, hurried lives, heads down, pressing our way through the overcrowded streets, oblivious to the incredible beauty of all that is.

Stand in the cool of the night and watch the dark clouds scudding across a sky with the full moon playing hide and seek. Breathe in the enrapturing scent of jasmine and roses on a sun kissed day. Feel the wind keen against your body and watch the wind whip up storms of golden autumn leaves. Touch the divine in the smile of a child; see eternity in the eyes of the dying; find bliss in the silence deep within. Listen and see and hear with your souls and the creation becomes your living reality; there is no mystery when your life is your art.
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