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Monday, February 03, 2014


Written on the 2nd January, as I contemplated the internal process of the cancer which lurks in my body, held in check by potent drugs and sometimes I sense by sheer stubborn, will power. It is a challenge to contemplate how the beauty of the body at a cellular level can turn rogue and sow the seeds of ultimate destruction. I find it both fascinating and horrifying that something so intrinsically perfect as the division and replication of our cells can wreak such havoc. I talk to my cancer cells from time to time and imagine explaining to them that there is no escape for them. In the destruction of their host lies death for them, so why not do the logical thing and self destruct in the interest of the integrity of the whole body. I even have this silly little ditty which I recite which consists of the repetition of the word, apoptosis which means cell death. Funny the things you find yourself doing when cancer enters your life. Cruel but amusing when you tilt your mind to one side and chose to see it from a different angle.

A cell mutates,
Slips by the sentinels,
No rhyme nor reason,
Determines if this rogue
Lives or dies.

Stealth destroyer,
Camoflage protects,
Error replicates.
Hunger growing
To consume.

Predator cell,
Prime directive
To survive,
Whatever the cost,
Blindly suicidal,
Killing your host.
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