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Monday, February 10, 2014

I miss you, Mum.

I miss you, Mum,
And yet,
Would not have you back,
The pain shadowed wraith,
Moving into death.

I miss you Mum,
Your soft and gentle voice,
The way you held me close,
Safe in your embrace,
Daring death to take you, not me.

I miss you, Mum,
Who never missed a concert,
Play or recitation,
As though I was the only one,
Not lost amongst the ten.

I miss your quiet beauty,
The radiance of your face,
Never knowing your allure,
The heads you turned.

I miss the music of your voice,
The rich emotions pouring out,
Wrapping all who heard
Cocooned in loving comfort.

I miss your hand in mine,
As I waited to hear,
If I would live or die,
On that hideous day.

I miss you and I love you,
I carry you inside my heart,
You who taught me how to love,
Beloved mother, forever mine.

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