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Monday, July 20, 2009

New beginnings.

Every day is a new beginning if we would just realise it.

In this sense I am always a beginner, always renewing my resolve, always that fragile flower unfurling.

Beginner, begin, be born.

Always open to the rebirth in each moment, the potential for all manner of things to renew themselves. Life is full of new beginnings. How am I any different from the new born lamb in the spring field, dazzled by that first clear strong light of day?

How are my eyes any more attuned to the beauty of the light after the long darkness of the incubating womb?

How are my legs more steady than that first struggle to find the delightful pleasure of balance and movement and joyful skipping through fresh green fields?

All life is a new beginning and I am as unsteady on my feet as that new born lamb.

Although I may stumble, I am filled with the same delight that blesses him as he leaps into the curious exploration of his new world.

What will you allow to be re-born today? What will you see, hear, sense differently?
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