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Sunday, December 24, 2006

May the Peace and Joy of Christmas
be with you
through all the years of your life

Christmas is not a universal feast,
but the underlying spirit is common to all of us,
regardless of religious belief.
It is the celebration of light in the darkness,
the warmth of hope spreading in the cold winter of life.
Christmas is gratitude and appreciation
of all we have been given and are still to receive.

Christmas is the distilled essence of love.
It is a time of angel's wings on earthly bodies,
a time when the soothing touch of a nurse
lets a dying man know he is not alone.

Christmas is the distilled essence of all that is good.
It is a time for softly spoken words of love that reach into the hardest heart,
for it is only in giving our love unconditionally
that we release the heart song in others.

Christmas is the distilled essence of a quiet joy.
It rings out crystal clear in the singing of the soul.
It is the music of heaven played out on earth
in each carefully composed note of giving.

Christmas is the distilled essence of childhood innocence.
It is their laughter, their astonished delight, their belief in magic,
all wrapped up in the overwhelming love we feel for them
that sets free the child in us

Christmas is the distilled essence of peace.
It is the profoundest stillness of the soul
when it quietens the rampant chatter of the mind
and hears the single heart beat of the universe.

We are never alone.
In that stillness
we are one heart, one mind, one soul.

Hold the distilled essence of Christmas in your daily lives all year around.

Reach out in love to those around you.

I will always believe in magic.
Open your mind and let magic believe in you.

Christmas is here and now and every day of your lives.

Live it !

In Love and Light,
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