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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Prompted thoughts from a Writing Group

( Julie Jordan Scott's Sacred Sixty)

I am in the present. I cannot know what tomorrow will bring forth. I can know only what the truth is for me today. That is what I am called upon to serve. Igor Stravinsky

And the truth for me today is:

The truth for me today is reflected in the bright tear brimming eyes of a sixty five year old man.
He came to me weighed down with remembered pain, present sorrows heaped upon him unremittingly.
I listened.
I shared his tears.
We moved together from past to present to a place beyond time.
We moved to the truth of choice, the choice to live in love regardless of external circumstance.
The truth for me today lies in the soft awed smile of that man as he left me.

The present is the ever moving shadow that dividesyesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope.Frank Lloyd Wright

In the present moment, I see a richness of jewel colours flaring from a space deep within me.
They sparkle in prismatic energetic patterns, splintering the once solid greyness of the day.
Living rainbows bedazzle my mind.
In their scintillating rays, I find a feast for my inner eye.
Here in this visual cacophony of light I am bathed in the light of the soul.

He who lives in the present lives in eternity.Ludwig Wittgenstein

In the present moment I hear women chattering happily as they sit together sewing a glowing tapestry of multi-dimensional energy.
They embroider with their laughter, splashing the canvas with incredible colours with every peel of merriment.
Each myriad coloured thread splashes startling geometric patterns, abstract representation of the blending of their hearts.
I hear their souls, the divinity of their sharing, these sacred sisters who weave the silken web of etermity.

When we come into the present, we begin to feel the life around us again. Jack Kornfield

In the present moment, I feel a soft, yet weighty pressure emanating from my heart centre.
It is as though love itself is pushing to escape the constraints of my mortal body.
I feel as though I am ready to explode.
In that conflagration, a rain of incandescent fire will sweep the stars from the sky.
The planets will fall from their orbits and spin into space to seek new vistas, new solar systems, new creations.
I feel my skin stretching, stretching, stretching until atomic bonds dissolve and love is freed.

When I am in the present moment, I know the space between each sacred breath where all is stillness and white light.
I know the intimacy of electrons dancing in the orbits of creation.
I know the alchemical molecules of transformation.
I know who I am and who I may be.
I am the I who lies between the realms of past and future.
I am the I of now.
I know the presence of the energy that sings the universe into creation.
I know the space between all that is and I know love.
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