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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

When I am gone.

When you face your mortality every day, the mind turns to challenging and painful thoughts. I saw a momentary glimpse of unfathomably deep sadness on my dearest husband's face. This is the dark fear it brought creeping to the surface mind.

Will you sit and look at photographs of me
Still life memories of our life together?
Will your shoulders shake with repressed grief,
Will tears burst through and have their way?

How will it be for you when I am gone,
Stripped of my presence, my touch, my love?
Who will comfort you when the shadow overwhelms,
Who will find those errant keys ,chameleon glasses?
Who will laugh at your absent minded ways,
And love you for each one, never in spite?

I do not fear my passing from this world
I fear the depth of pain I leave behind
Yet I must walk my path, accepting of my fate,
Leaving you all that I am, even beyond the grave.

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