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Friday, July 09, 2010

A Moment of Grace

8th July, 2010

Welcome to the Chrysalis, where my intent is to write what is both reflective and inspirational. Life is a journey and we learn along the way through our experiences and their integration into our life. This is my life and the lessons I have learned from the way I have chosen to live it.

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Moments of Grace

"Yes, tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, no evil shall I fear"

Tomorrow afternoon I have the second series of CT scans since my operation in November. It is something that I will face every four months or so, for the rest of my life, to check that the particularly aggressive kidney cancer which precipitated the operation, has not returned. I have been working on keeping my imagination in check, turning it away from fear driven visions to ones of positive healing. It has not been easy but fear is not to be surrendered to, acknowledged and faced, but never allowed to overwhelm.

As I sat watching television earlier this evening, I had a moment of grace. Out of the mundane came something sacred. Such is the working and blessing of grace.

Into my consciousness came these words.

I am grateful for every precious moment of my life, for every part of it without reservation.

Whatever the outcome of my scan tomorrow, I will still be grateful for all I have experienced, all I have done, all I have been and above all for the love I have given and received in my life.

Whatever, the outcome , I am grateful for my life, for all I have been and all I might yet be. I have been so blessed in so many ways. It has been a good life.

I surrender this life and whatever lies ahead to the Light. I surrender and I trust.

I surrender and I trust.

Whatever may be.

Each moment has been a blessing ,even, or perhaps especially ,those which have been the most difficult, painful and challenging. Out of these moments of darkness has come so much light, so much peace and stillness of being. In the stillness there has come a knowing of what we might term the face of God, the Divine , the deep within.

I am not an adherent of any religion but I have a deep sense of the Divine, a profound, inner sensing of the presence in all of our lives of something which is immensely powerful and good, something that is within all of us and ignites our fragile sparks of life into one great illuminating Light.

Out of darkness, the Light is born.

Out of the chrysalis, the changeling caterpillar is reborn to a new life of beauty and the freedom of flight.

Who is to say that this is not also our journey?

Tonight I experienced a moment of grace.

I am grateful.

Maria Stepek Doherty

When do you allow yourself moments to be still, to be completely in the now?

What moments of grace have brushed against you and left you still and peaceful?

What is the meaning of Grace in your life?

Allow the questions to sit in your souls and see what answers appear in your lives.!/pages/A-Change-In-Mind/136809126336401

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