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Friday, March 28, 2008

On the 1st March, I was sitting quietly, chilling out, to one of my favourite television programmes when I suddenly felt I had to write. I had not a clue what I was going to write, just such a strong energy sweeping through me that would not go away. This has never happened before but here is what came. I have since spoken to a few friends who do the kind of energy work I do (Reiki and EFT) and they have shared similar feelings over the last few weeks.
Now just to be clear about this, I am not in to chanelling and have a strong healthy scepticism about things that go bump in the night. I do meditate daily and have a powerful sense of energy and its shifts. I think I am a very grounded person but I do acknowledge that I also have a certain streak of mysticism which bubbles to the surface every so often. Oh, what the heck, read and judge for yourself.
I am a receiver, resonating to the vibrations of something both within and beyond me.
It is a though I am tuning in to the distant strains of a powerful energy, as though I am hearing with the deep cellular structure of my body, elements of a vast cosmic orchestration, the individual notes of a powerful song of creation.
Sweeping waves of deep melancholy hit me like a long drawn out note on a violin reaching straight into the resonance of the heart centre. I want to cry. I want to mourn and scream and surrender to such sorrow. All in that note that comes from I know not where.Words are so difficult to form in a way that can even begin to convey this experience.
What comes to mind is the sound of a solitary whale crying in the deep ocean for its distant lost family, a soul filled with the longing to be born once more into the companionship of life.
It is a calling out and a calling together, a call that is redolent with loss and longing and yet still calls that which is separate home to the unity of one.
Soul deep I sense wave after wave of energetic longing - separate notes seeking their chords- chords seeking their companions -elemental - transcending - issuing forth from the source of all creation.
Sadness, deep dark mourning , yearning, calling out from the chasm of separateness, from the lonely voids outwith space and time, to be once more united.
Lost notes of a celestial melody seeking to sing their magic, the sounds of creation, the song of pure being.
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