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Monday, March 27, 2006

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in the UK. This is the poem I wrote for my mother. It is a series of linked haiku, a form I enjoy writing in.

This is for Teresa Murphy Stepek, my 76 year old mother and all the mothers whose hearts are bound forever to their children. They teach us the meaning of love and we in our turn teach it to our children.

Motherhood; soft touch,
Gentle hands, kindness soothing
Childish hurts away.

Motherhood; your strength
Fed my mind and heart and soul,
Always there, always.

Motherhood; late nights
And weary early mornings,
Still smiling, serene.

Motherhood; centre
Of a childhood filled with love;
Still my anchor now.

Motherhood is you.
A life wrapped around my heart,
Holding me safe, loved.
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