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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Flu Fantasy

I am meandering gently,
lingering in the clouds
of cold driven haziness,
following the slowly slithering patterns
of my bug ridden brain.

I fly on a magic carpet of dreams,
gliding on thermal currents as
I roll and tumble into a new dimension.

Cavorting laughingly,
I skip the light fantastic,
climb mountains of imagination,
swing from fantasy to fantasy,
fly in oceans of jitterbugging seals,
float with Beluga whales,
then toast my feet in hot Caribbean seas.

I leap with the dolphins,
babble like a brook in full flow,
as I amble through this strange dream world.

Hiking, trudging, trekking
in the Himalayan foothills of my mind.
Schlepping along,
dragging my body behind my thoughts,
staggering like a crazy drunk,
spirit lifted as I list to starboard,
tracking the wild waves
as I dive down into the eternal blue deep.

Touching bottom
I stumble and crawl crustacean like
Across the twirling, spinning sands,
a sea bereft beached diver.
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