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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sapphire Moon

A deep, dark sapphire sky,
Glitters with crystal starlight,
Pale moonlight illuminates
The curvature of his spine
Tempting hands to trace
Delicately, sensuously,
Each tingling vertebrae
Until they blaze afire.

Contained passion rises
As obtuse signals clear
Gracious, he responds
And gifts his pleasure.
Lips couple, tongues tango,
Ecstatic moaning builds
To crescendo peaks
Of bellowing climax.

An ancient magic stirs,
Celestial spells are cast.
Trusting he sleeps
Surrendered in her arms.
Her eyes shine, black as jet,
Wildness raging in her blood,
Hidden goddess laughs
Triumphant in her power.
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